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If you want to know what to do at Fandomfest this will be the place to start. The final schedule won’t be up until the week of the show. You can also check in with our handy app. It will be the best to way to see any immediate scheduling changes the day of the show. If you don’t see anything scheduled that you would like to see scheduled then contact us for next year and we will do our very best to add it to the calender. We have it all. Cosplay contests, a film festival, panels and…



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Fandomfest is proud to announce their new film festival. We’ve chosen this amazing name that fits everything we want to present at our newest film festival. We chosen a name that sounds like the actual name itself. In English the use of PH in place of the F can be seen everywhere. We’ve taken a little bit of our own Phantasmagorical license and changed the correct spelling from Ph to F. gives the Definition of “Phantasmagorical” to be the following “adjective 1. having a fantastic or changing appearance, as something in a dream or created by the imagination.…


Gaming Life at Fandomfest Comic Expo

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Are you into Retro, Arcade style with a little pinball? Modern Warfare First Person Shooters? How about online RPG? Miniatures? Card Gaming? Fandomfest Louisville Comic Expo has it all for you. All weekend long. Upcoming Tournament announcements and more coming soon. Xtension Gaming / Rec Room Masters has united with Gaming Generations and you can experience our Xtension “Sit-Down” Arcade Cabinet first hand at the 2015 Fandom Fest Comic Con in Louisville Kentucky. Fandom Fest Comic Con features and large varirtty of celebrity guests and several genres of gaming tournaments hosted by  Gaming Generations. Gaming of all types are going on at FANDOMFEST this year. VIDEO GAMING Our main hall will hose all of the video gaming and video gaming tournaments this year. You will feel the energy…


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Cosplay At Fandomfest 2014

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COSPLAY GUESTS       CHECK OUT THESE AWESOME COSPLAYS FROM FANDOMFEST 2014 Cosplay plays an integral part of the Fandomfest Xperience. This year is no different. We have 8 Categories for Cosplayers to compete in for Cash and Prizes. Each year our cosplay becomes more thrilling then the last. We are striving for greatness amongst those who are the best. Come down and show us and the world what you got! If you are a newbie to the world of Cosplay and it’s importance to Comic Cons all around the world. Here is a good start to learn more about what it is and what it’s all about. It’s no longer just a Halloweeen time thing. Cosplay is a year round obsession for many.…



FANDOMFEST began out of a 1 genre event. Turning itself into a multi genre event that has taken the Mid America region by storm offering not just an autograph event but one large geek experience for every possible geek activity imaginable. 0ver 300 hours of programming this year to delight anyone. From children to adults we aim to provide the most cost effective fan based experience possible. Many have said our value exceeds our low price. Fandomfest is where you make friends for life. Just don't get convention overload. Enjoy what we have to offer and come and participate in our Fandomfest family. We can't wait to see you.